Sunday, May 3, 2009

I did It!

I rode my bike yesterday! I had to dust off the cobwebs...literally. Good to have my own personal bike mechanic!!! Always handy since I know NOTHING about bikes. It felt good to be outside on a nice sunny day with the family. I also baked a cake. Some of my favorite tasters came over to do some quality control! I love to have friends over to eat sugary treats! A good day by all accounts!

Cakes, bikes, friends, family...... these are the things on my mind for now......

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hope your sitting down....

I just joined this place
Scary, I know as I HATE working out. But, since my physical therapy ended, I have been idle again. I tried doing some exercise at home but my feet were killing me. So, its back to the water aerobics with all the old ladies...and occasionally the super old man.- That's always a treat. So, no time like the present, I'm starting tonight. Jumping in with both feet so to speak. Mabel is going to freak out!! She LOVES the health club. She gets to run around while I torture myself and then swim like a fish until I drag her out of the pool. Little water bug......
Doing what I hate for my own good....
This is the big thing on my mind...... for today....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Can't Find Time....

I can't seem to find time to blog. I can't blog at work because the blogger site is blocked- jerks! When I am home, I want to do other things. So, I am blogging.
Mike is riding his bike. The weather is supposed to be nice today- about 50 degrees. However, right now, it is only 32 degrees. Too cold to be riding if you ask me! But, he will come back feeling happy about being out in the sunshine. He wore his new kit for the first time- it looks great.
Mabel is stamping and coloring. She has been busy doing that for a half hour so I snuck away to spend some me time on the computer. I also took a long hot shower without interruption...priceless. I think we are going to do some shopping today. I still have some birthday money to spend.
Hmmmmmmm should I get this or maybe these
Its just so hard to decide. I can't get enough cooking gadgets!!

How to spend money on me?????? This is one of the things on my mind...for now!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I tried it out.....

I tried out my new cupcake pan today!!! It made the best shaped cupcakes!!!! The frosting Mo gave me with the pan is SUPER cool and easy to use. I think they turned out all right for a first try. I think they will only get better. I figured out what doesn't work in a few instances.One of them is super lopsided. I guess that is the beauty of homemade.
So, today it is literally cupcakes on my mind.....for now.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

These Two... PRICELESS!

I am working on organizing all the pictures in iPhoto and came across theses. I have no idea when they were taken- but I love them!!!! They are so great. My heart is smiling!

These two are on my mind.....for now and always!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Excuse me, Bike Nerds, I'd like my man back.......

So its only Wed and I would like my man back. This week has been crazy. Even with tons of help, this single parent stuff is a bunch of BS!!!!
Today was the hardest day yet. Day #3 of getting up early for work, seeing Mabel for an hour a day, and transporting a really sick kid.
Cupcakes and Crossbones...
First Crossbones:
A teenage kid that was super healthy until yesterday when he got a headache. Now he is in the hospital with meningitis. Not a good kind- if there is one. His classmate is also there. They are SICK. I have mass hysteria. Scared of getting sick and not getting better like a "normal" person because of my nervous system issues. He was fine last week. Now, well, not so much. The docs I trust say there is virtually NO risk of me getting it because we protected ourselves......TRUST. Not easy for an anxious soul. Today, work, loneliness, and anxiety are my crossbones.
Now Cupcakes:
I got to come home to my family. I, of course, changed clothes, showered, and brushed my teeth before the hugs and kisses( all due to the mass hysteria). Mabel was still dressed wacky Wednesday style- mismatched socks, jeans, and a hooded dress on backwards. I love that she feels free enough to be funny and mismatched. She is my cupcake. Tonight, I will wear Mike's shirt to bed and smell him and feel safe. He wore it before he left and got it all man smelly- not like sweaty man smelly but like my man smelly. Good smelly- I love it. He is my cupcake.
These are the things on my mind.........for now.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coveted Item of the week....

I love this!!! I think it will be a birthday must have! A big thanks to Becky for bringing it to my attention.